Frequently Asked Questions | Receive SMS Online

Q. How is this service free?

Free Phone Num service is free because of the ads that are being displayed on the page. Thank you for helping us keep this service free.

Q. How long is the SMS log kept?

We keep SMS log for at least one month. You can go back and receive SMS from up to past one month.

Q. How often are the temporary phone number changed?

We try to refresh temporary phone numbers every month.

Q. What is this service used for?

People use this service mostly for SMS verification. Services like Whatsapp, Viber, Uber, Google Voice, Facebook, Telegram, wechat, messanger etc. There are other uses too. Any service that requires you to verify your phone number.

Q. So multiple people can use the same phone number?

That is correct! We are hoping to provide our registered users with unique free phone numbers down the line. But now you can only use the listed disposable phone numbers

Q. Is there a limit on how many messages I can send?

There is no limit on how many messages you can send to the number. The temporary numbers listed in our website can handle any number of incoming SMS

Q. Can I send free SMS from your site?

We have currently disabled ability to send free SMS for time being because it was being abused by bots. We will provide the ability to send free SMS worldwide soon.

Q. Can I receive SMS from previous months?

Yes, they will appear in archived sections once they are archived. All the verification phone numbers will be there.

Q. Do you provide any API for the service?

Not right now, but we might provide that in near future. Receiving SMS free is really cool!.