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2021-06-30 22:52:47 714-599-xxxx Hi Cheyenne! Alex here with AHP Mortgage Direct. We just received your inquiry from Zillow re: your potential mortgage. I just have a few questions before I can connect you with the best team member to further assist. I can give you a quick call, or do you prefer to continue by text?
2021-07-01 07:00:37 714-599-xxxx Is there a more convenient time to talk?
2021-07-01 07:35:09 714-599-xxxx Still interested?
2021-07-01 09:27:28 714-599-xxxx I just have a few questions before I can get you scheduled with one of our top rated loan officers. Is now a good time for a quick call?
2021-07-03 15:51:17 714-599-xxxx Let me know if there's a better time to connect. Happy to chat by text or I can give you a quick call if you prefer.
2021-07-05 07:46:01 714-599-xxxx Hi Cheyenne it's Alex here with AHP Mortgage Direct, is now a good time to chat?
2021-07-06 15:38:49 714-599-xxxx One thing we always say, it’s better to start the approval process BEFORE finding the home. That way, you know your buying power! Can we jump on a call soon?
2021-07-09 09:23:21 714-599-xxxx Cheyenne?
2021-07-11 08:21:30 714-599-xxxx If it's easier, we can always set up a meeting closer to your work. Would that make more sense?
2021-07-13 11:02:32 714-599-xxxx Are you working with a real estate agent yet?
2021-07-20 13:55:21 714-599-xxxx There are a couple openings in the calendar tomorrow - did you want me to set something up over the phone?
2021-07-24 09:37:07 714-599-xxxx Hey Cheyenne. Do you have a few minutes to connect today?
2021-07-28 08:29:53 714-599-xxxx Is now a good time for a call Cheyenne?
2021-07-31 07:38:33 714-599-xxxx Hope you’re doing well Cheyenne! You contacted us recently about your home loan. Let me know if I can help!
2021-08-04 09:47:45 714-599-xxxx Hi Cheyenne, I want to make sure I'm providing value. Are you still looking to see what you qualify for?
2021-08-10 12:19:08 714-599-xxxx Cheyenne, is there a specific price range you need a home loan for? I'd be happy to pull up some basic rates.
2021-08-19 13:39:23 714-599-xxxx I know you might not be ready to do anything now. I just wanted to touch base to see if there's any additional information I should be providing you that you're not finding online?
2021-09-14 15:33:43 714-599-xxxx Is now a better time for us to catch up?